Beaver Creek Trailers

Beaver Creek Trailers

Joliet, Illinois Location

For over 20 years, Beaver Creek Trailers services and repairs trailers from car trailers to over wheels trailers. Our years of experience has made Beaver Creek Trailers one of the best known trailer service and repair shops in Illinois.

Customers continuously come back to Beaver Creek for our extensive knowledge, parts department and ability to repair trailers allowing customers to get more from their investment.


Trailers take a lot of abuse and are expected to perform. Beaver Creek Trailers has the expertise you need to keep your trailer working. Be sure your trailer meets what is required by law.

Required by Law:

  • Coupler rated for full trailer G.V.W.
  • 2 separately attached safety cables or chains each rated for the G.V.W. of the trailer

  • Marker lights marking the outside width of the trailer facing front and rear

    3 light bar

    Tires and wheels rated for full G.A.W.R. (gross axle weight rating)

  • Above 10,000 G.V.W. & Commercial Vehicles

  • Conspicuity tape – sides and back

  • Brakes must be controllable from the cab of the truck

  • Beware: your old trailer was not grand fathered in.

Fenders or mud flaps

Side facing marker lights (front and back)

Stop & turn signals

7 taillights at the rear of the trailer facing the rear

Reflectors on back, reflectors on sides at front & back

Record of tire serial #’s


Not Allowed on New Trailers

Used Tires

Used Wheels